Filamento Lighting

Filamento is an innovator in LED high bay lighting technologies by redefining high bay lighting with their ultimate high bay LED luminaire and set a new standard for LED lighting products. By reinventing the LED lamp architecture, they managed to eliminate cooling fans and exceeded traditional performance of HID and LED luminaires.

With world wide certifications, Filamento can satisfy the most stringent safety requirements.  From replacing traditional high bays to retrofitting them with state of the art motion/daylight sensors to adding wireless controls via handheld infrared controller or Bluetooth mesh node connected phone app controls.

Their founder, Frank Shum is a prolific innovator with over 100 patents and patents pending.  Frank’s lighting products have received many awards, including the prestigious Red Dot award, the SIL Sapphire award, the Light and Architecture Award, and Department of Energy’s Lighting for Tomorrow Award.

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